Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cary Grant Memorial Statue in Bristol

Very briefly, I'd like to just mention a little something I stumbled upon by chance on the internet. It's a lovely little memorial statue dedicated to the great Cary Grant that stands in his hometown of Bristol. It's no secret to film aficionados that the man who would one day be known for his quick humor and easy charm was born ubiquitously as a rather unfortunately named Bristol native named Archibald Leach. It is no real surprise that the man that the world would learn to love as Cary Grant sought a stage name.
Cary Grant
By Graham Ibbeson

The statue was revealed in 2001, after a long campaigning by some prominent Bristol natives, a little less than 20 years after Grant's passing in 1986. The bronze, life-sized statue was sculpted by a certain Graham Ibbeson. I'll make a logical assumption and wager that Ibbeson never meant the immortal Cary Grant. Yet, somehow he manages to capture that sauntering charm, and easy likability that Grant carried with him in most of his films. It's a befitting tribute to one of the great actors of all time and more evidence of the artistry of such performers now being recognized by the work of other artists in other fields. A memorial is a certainly tribute art of a sort, to link to my previous post about Casablanca, but somehow this work carries greater gravitas than a merely post-mortem painting of Grant. A memorial statue suggests a certain gravitas, and on a serious note, actors from "The Golden Age" deserve that respect. And it seems, at last, that they are receiving it.
No one ever came close to that easy charm and grace
that Cary Grant managed to convey on screen

I promise a more substantial post will be following soon, though I must admit that I am enjoying these tribute pieces.

Base Source
The Guardian
"Cary Grant statue set for unveiling in Bristol" 12/7/2001

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